A Breakthrough Method to a Healthy Weight

Far Beyond the Plate

Breakthrough your current lifestyle patterns to healthy habits and a total renewal of your mind, body, and spirt.  From picking the right foods for your unique body to establishing a self-care routine that combats the stresses of work-life balance and fatigue, your journey to a happy, healthy, and comfortable life begins here.

Private Coaching

Reveal, Release, Rise & Renew

Create the long-lasting lifestyle and  transformation you desire through deep inner-work in a personal and supportive environment.

Group Coaching

The Path to Mastering Difficult Emotions 

In this 5 week interactive program, you will learn and practice 5 key strategies for developing emotional mastery; creating a more peaceful and joyful life! 

Health Conscious Academy Online

Individual Courses and Certificate Programs

Elevate your competence, confidence, and wellbeing — mind, body, and soul — while learning from professionals at your own pace.

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Meet Michele

A life-threatening disease and personal triumphs led me to my life’s purpose as a transformational health & life coach. There was a time when I felt hopeless and helpless. I believed I was stuck in an unhealthy body and the pain of emotional trauma. I outsmarted diabetes, shed 100+ pounds, ditched the meds, and overcame trauma.

Now I strive to help women break the invisible chains that hold them back from living a more fulfilled, joyful, and healthier life. As a result, my clients are freed from food cravings, excess weight, fatigue, stress, and unhealthy attachments to the past.

As a transformational coach, healthcare quality expert, consultant, and certified training facilitator, I have the knowledge and experience to help women implement a sustainable lifestyle approach that works for them.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Overall Wellbeing?

“Despite the connection between poor diet and many preventable diseases, only about one-fifth of American medical schools require students to take a nutrition course.”

— David Eisenberg, Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition at Harvard T.H.

Unless a doctor has furthered their education in nutrition, the chances are that they do not have enough training to provide adequate advice for weight loss. As soon as I learned this fact, I understood why I struggled with obesity and blood sugar control for two decades. Healthcare professionals are the people who care, but work in a sub-optimal system. I served in healthcare as a Quality and Patient Safety Leader, and that’s where I got sick!


Additional Resources

In addition to helping women transform their lives and leading them towards a healthier and happier lifestyle as a coach, Michele also works to make her resources available to everyone. Check out her latest book or schedule her for a speaking engagement at your next event.

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Journey Beyond the Plate

This book is the ultimate wholistic guide to sustained weight loss. You will receive customizable worksheets and discover how to incorporate essential self-care routines, trigger and sustain weight loss motivation, set goals that make weight loss happen, and more.

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Michele’s passion, powerful authenticity, and confidence creates a lasting impression on her audiences.