Personal Coaching Programs

Work one-on-one with Michele

Your journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle starts here. There’s no such thing as a one-size fits all approach when it comes to healthy living. Invest in yourself in this supportive, non-judgmental environment and work towards creating a lasting change in your life.

While proper nutrition, fitness, and sleep are essential to good health, it’s important that you develop self-care practices to maintain your overall wellbeing and lead a happy, healthy, comfortable, and fulfilling life. Together we will do more than renew your relationship with food, physical activity, and rest. We’ll discover your body’s unique needs and set your personal goals in order for you to work toward a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Reveal, Release, Rise & Renew

Do you want to feel better, have more energy, and more joy? This program will take you on a journey of enlightenment, empowerment, and personal growth by overcoming the blindspots and patterns that prohibit you from getting the most out of yourself on your own. Learn how to apply science-backed practices that are essential to breaking old habits and developing new ones. Your new found knowledge, transformational tools, guidance, and caring support will advance your successes. This 4 month personal coaching program is completely customized to your needs, visions, and goals.

Far Beyond the Plate - Reveal with personal wellness coach Michelle of Make Healthy Fit
  • Tap into your inner knowing to help clear the path to success
  • Get crystal clear on your vision and goals
  • Identify the foods and activities that best serve your body type
  • Create an epic blueprint for personal transformation
  • Explicitly apply focus to what you desire
Far Beyond the Plate - Release with personal wellness coach Michelle of Make Healthy Fit
  • Let go of what’s holding you back from achieving your goals and sustaining success
  • Clear any stagnant energy that weighs you down
  • Incrementally drop old habits using transformative, science-backed tools and practices
  • Combat stress
  • Resolve food cravings and emotional eating
  • Release unwanted weight, as applicable
Far Beyond the Plate - Rise with personal wellness coach Michelle of Make Healthy Fit
  • Increase confidence and energy
  • Elevate mood and feel happier
  • Make better and balanced lifestyle choices
  • Develop proper sleep habits; as applicable
  • Feel better in your body and clothes
  • Feel confident in selecting and preparing food and meals
  • Implement ways to move your body that aligns with what you enjoy and what’s available to your body
Far Beyond the Plate - Renew with personal wellness coach Michelle of Make Healthy Fit
  • Feel healthier, happier, and able to create inner peace
  • Know your worth; making time for self-care
  • Establish a new love and respect for food and your body
  • Make wise choices that help you maintain optimal health, joy, and fun
  • Ignite the light inside of you with a renewed sense of purpose
  • Maintain feeling confident and whole; despite life’s storms
Table spread with grapes, tomatoes, glasses of water and orange juice.

Clean Eating Challenge

Ignite and renew your health by selecting delicious and nutritious foods that fuel your body and reveal links between food and mood.

You’ll accelerate your competence and enable your body to purge unhealthy toxins that build up overtime. By eliminating stored waste, your fat cells will shrink; expediting the release of excess weight.

Along with an evidence based approach, your program will be customized to support your lifestyle, body type, and current health status. By reducing the toxic burden on your body, you’ll fortify your immune system, aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and help your body heal naturally.


Popular Benefits
  • Increase in energy, concentration, and focus
  • Decrease in sugar and other carbohydrate cravings
  • Decrease in joint pain
  • Improvement in sleep
  • Healthier looking skin
  • Improvement in digestion; eliminate bloating, heartburn, and reflux
  • Reduction in physical signs of toxicity, such as acne, excess weight, and cellulite
  • Release of excess weight
What You’ll Focus On
  • Resetting your metabolism
  • Increasing intake of essential nutrients
  • Balancing blood sugars
  • Balancing pH level to reduce inflammation
  • Strengthening the immune system; helping to prevent viruses and disease
  • Unburdening detoxifying organs (kidneys, liver, GI tract and skin)
  • Avoiding certain foods that are addictive, acidic, or known to have an allergic immune response! Don’t worry! You will receive great, healthy alternatives
Education Included
  • Clean Eating
  • Mindful Eating
  • Simple Meal Planning/Snacks
  • Understanding Your Body Type
Personal Coaching
  • One 60 Minute Free Consultation
  • Four 30 minute Weekly Sessions
  • Personal Customization of Program
  • One Virtual Pantry Tour
  • Guidance, Support, and Accountability
  • Email and Text Support Between Sessions
    • Expected response time is within 12 hours
    • Communications after 5:30pm EST will typically be addressed the following day
  • Variety of Professional Handouts

Note: This program is not limited to the expedited 30-day method. During our free consult, you’ll have the option to move forward with a different approach and pace. The program’s popular benefits will be the same; with an understanding that significant results will also be experienced at a slower pace. 


Set yourself up for success with professional instruction and assessments that guide customization of your program. You’ll prepare for grocery shopping, meal planning, healthy snacks, and more!


Kick-start your Clean Eating Lifestyle with step-by-step guidance, email and text communication, personal coaching, and a variety of tip sheets and handouts


Track your weekly progress. You’ll discover important relationships between your body, food, and mood. Gaining insights into these connections will allow you to mindfully choose more of the foods that love your body. Celebrate your success!


At the end of the challenge, you’ll decide what foods you want to introduce back into your healthier lifestyle. You’ll move forward with a smile, feeling healthier, happier, competent, confident, and empowered. You’ll know how to distinguish between dieting and mindful eating; helping you to make better choices; trusting yourself to enjoy the foods you love; without guilt!