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Are you ready to improve your overall well-being? Join me for a 60 minute coaching session and start your journey towards a happy, healthy, and comfortable life.

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Weekly Wellness Checklist

Using a done-for-you template can provide insights into the healthier lifestyle you desire and hold yourself accountable to your goals. No guilt; only small steps forward to trigger a daily feel-good emotion.

Food/Mood Journal

You’ll receive a journal template that can help you identify the relationship between your body, food, and mood. We will begin to send you relevant content, invitations, promotions, and anything else that we believe will be supportive.

Pesticides in Produce Guide

Protect yourself and make healthy and informative food choices with the Environmental Working Group’s latest shopper’s guide.

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Read Michele’s Articles in Brainz Magazine for current insights into personal development, lifestyle, mindset, leadership, business, and innovation.

In the Light Community with Michele - Healthy Mind, Body, Soul

IN THE LIGHT Community with Michele

Join our elite community of women who know there is more to life than waking everyday to the same routine.  Are you curious about why you are here, your true purpose in life, and what you need to know  to understand your journey on this planet.  As women, we tend to hold everything together. In this community you will learn how to create more peace, less stress and more magic in your world.  You will grow together through Courageous Conversations, Lessons, and Questions; including  mentorship opportunities.  You’ll gain deep insights into the health of the mind, body, and soul. Resolve to evolve and create a supportive, joyful, and magical life!